Sunday, April 21, 2013

Welcome to Avella Orchard

Avella Orchard is a 2 acre heirloom fruit and nut “forest” in the city limits of La Grande. 
Graced with mature trees planted half a century ago and added onto over the years, Avella Orchard has over 250 trees.  Most of those are unusual or unique cultivars, including trees grafted from local homesteads. 
Trees include apples, European pears, Asian pears, European plums, Asian plums, apricots, peaches, quince, mulberries, cherries, chestnuts, walnuts, filberts, and almonds.  We continue to add to the valuable genetic diversity of this living treasure. 
We would like to thank those who came before us, planting and caring for this orchard over the years: 
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan, Mr. Schaad, Mr. and Mrs. Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks.

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Here at Avella Orchard we also have a "dojo" (practice hall) where we offer classes in Aikido and Tai Chi. Read about our Classes at the Orchard .